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Advanced Glass Fibre Flat Roofing Services / Glass Re-inforced Polyester Rooves

Lindrick PRO GRP (Glass Re-inforced Polyester) / Advanced Glass Fibre Flat Roofing in Worksop, Nottinghamshire provide flat, glass reinforced roofing solutions / design to the domestic housing market and small commercial sector to a wide and varied client base. We are part of Lindrick Construction Services Ltd – a family run business and has been trading successfully for over 15 years, who pride ourselves on the range of skills and services we offer within the building and construction industry. We strive to ensure that we meet all of our clients’ individual requirements, with a professional, friendly and reliable service. Our experience and skills allow us to undertake all works to a high standard.

Glass Re-inforced Polyester Roofing…

Our Advanced Glass Fibre Re-inforced Flat Roofing System provides the perfect all weather solution and can be applied in small domestic situations right through to large industrial environments. It has great roofing advantages that includes…

Cold Applied / No heat required
Easy to Form / Around complex situations
Very Durable / Resists heavy foot traffic
Non-Slip Walkways / Can easily be incorporated
Class Leading Roofing Solution / Far exceeds traditional methods
Virtually Maintenance Free / For very long periods of time
Impact Resistant / Due to ultra hard finish
Fire Retardent
Highly Economical

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For more information and enquiries on PRO GRP (Advanced Glass-Fibre Roofing System), please call Lindrick PRO GRP on 01909 532897, or you can make an enquiry via our Enquiries Page

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PRO GRP (Glass Re-inforced Polyester) / Advanced Glass Fibre Flat Roofing System provides the perfect all weather protection for any flat roof.

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester. GRP is also known as Glass-Fibre. This system is cold applied on site, giving it a seamless and flexible weatherproof finish that resists water, heat and frost. The resulting surface gives a strong architectural finish that looks very impressive. If maintained properly it will last as long as the building stands.

  • Heat and Fire Resistant
  • Storm and Frost Proof
  • Impact and Foot Traffic Resistant
  • No Joints, No Seams, No Leaks
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